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MFDR Owner-Occupant

Instructions: Enter the case reference number, found on the letter you received from Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs,Mortgage Foreclosure Dispute Resolution Program, and the last name or the entity name to access your case. Once you have found your case, you can elect to participate, pay your $300 fee, and upload proof of your owner-occupancy. You may also upload your required documents (please see your notice of election when you receive it from DCCA) instead of mailing them in or bringing them to our office in-person. All uploaded documents should be in PDF or MS Word document format, and labelled as the required document that is contained therein (e.g. your documentation of proof of owner-occupancy would be a scan of your signed certification as well as your proof as prescribed in your Notification packet, would be named "owner occupant certification.pdf). Please do not upload any picture files. If you have ANY questions about how to use this system please contact the MFDR Assistant at (808)586-2886 for help.